Ways to use compost / ¡Maneras de usar la composta!

In english:

There are two ways to use compost. One way is when you’re starting a pot, you put 1/3 compost and 2/3 topsoil in it. Any more compost than that doesn’t give much benefit. That gives it a really good start, everything gets established – and then you might think you don’t need compost anymore. But to get the best possible results, to get the most flowers (see the flower here), to get the most healthlyvolants, to get the most fruit, you need to top dress with a small bit of compost on a monthly basis. So I’m out here with my flower pots and I’m just putting a little bit of extra compost. This is my monthly ritual just before I water. When you water, it will kind of water those microbes down into the soil. Doesn’t take a lot of time, doesn’t have to take a lot of compost either. You do that, just to keep everything singing and humming along.

Resumen en español:

Existen dos maneras de usar la composta: Cuando recién comienzas a sembrar o trasplantar, utiliza 1/3 de composta y 2/3 de tierra, mezcla e incorpora a tus plantas. La otra manera de usarse es cuando ya tienes tus macetas con plantas, te recomendamos adicionar un poco de composta o lombricomposta por lo menos una vez al mes para que tus plantas se mantengan fuertes y felices.

En el siguiente vídeo, Randy nos cuenta un poco acerca de la forma en que el usa la composta en su jardín, esoeramos les sea de utilidad y nos leemos en el próximo post.

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